How we came up with our Hatch values

Since starting Hatch, we had a few simple values that we rolled out over time. We knew that loyalty was important to us, and we told people during our interview process that “everyone does sales and everyone does customer service” at this company. We knew, though, that we wanted our founding team to formally design our values alongside us. We believe that values should be created by the team and for the team, not mandated by a few select people.

So, a couple weeks ago we all came together to develop our Hatch values. The process was pretty simple:

  • First, we all whiteboarded a giant list of values.
  • Then, everyone wrote their top 10 in order.
  • We compared our lists, and came up with our 7 core values.
  • Once our list was finalized, we discussed what each value meant to us.

That whole process took about 40 minutes, and then I wrote up our values for feedback. You can read them at the bottom of this post.

A lot of companies come up with values and then never talk about them again. We’re hoping that these values will live, breathe, and evolve with the company. Now that they’re formal, we’ll aim to hire candidates that embrace them and reward team members that display them.

Here they are:

  1. Team first.
    • We’re loyal to the people that have supported us and believed in us.
    • We’re honest even when it’s tough to tell the truth.
    • We trust in each other’s work and intentions.
    • We don’t speak about the team outside of the team; we always maintain a positive, cohesive front to external stakeholders.
    • We compete together, not against one another.
  2. Err on the side of empathy.
    • We listen to and try to understand others’ opinions and needs.
    • We treat people with respect independent of their status or disagreement with us.
    • We’re clear with our goals and intentions so that others can more quickly understand and empathize.
    • We’re understanding of our teammates’ goals and desires both within and beyond the workplace.
    • We assume best intentions.
  3. Maintain a growth mindset.
    • We leave our egos at the door. We arrive at work with the confident humility that allows us to simultaneously perform and grow.
    • We trust in the abilities that got us here.
    • We celebrate our successes and learn from our failures. Mistakes are great here, as long as we own up to them, fix them, and learn from them.
    • We constantly strive to optimize ourselves and develop new skills.
  4. Be helpful.
    • Everyone sells. Everyone does customer service. Everyone recruits. Everyone builds product.
    • We’re collaborative and seek opportunities to contribute outside of our core role.
    • We support the local tech and small business community.
    • Our teammates can depend on us to deliver exceptional work product and always meet deadlines.
  5. Be optimistic.
    • We maintain calm and positive in stressful situations. We listen well instead of reacting fast.
    • We’re always looking towards our larger vision, and we’ll happily do some grunt work if it brings us an inch closer to that vision.
  6. Be results-oriented.
    • We value output over hours worked.
    • We limit meetings to those that create value, and we respect time our team members have set aside for undisturbed work.
    • We are passionate about what we’re building, and we work hard to advance our products.
    • We don’t give As for effort, just for performance.
  7. No idea is too crazy.
    • We question everything.
    • We speak up when we have something to say.
    • We don’t let ourselves get comfortable with the status quo.
    • We’re curious and ask questions when we don’t understand.
    • We are ego-less when searching for good ideas.
    • Everyone has the opportunity to be heard. Everyone has a voice.

If these values resonate with you, check out our open positions.


Amelia Friedman

Co-Founder at Hatch.


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