Who owns what? And why does it matter?

When a dev shop builds a mobile app, typically they sign a contract saying that they won’t reuse anything they build for you with other clients— they’ll build every single feature from scratch. If you’re using Facebook login, they’re building that again for you. If you’re integrating payments, they’re spending time getting that set up. Every line of code will be written for the first time.

Having a 100% individually-built app sounds great, right? But there is a catch:

Every line of code, regardless of how commonplace, costs money.

Every successful app has its secret sauce, but we’ve found that the formula is more often in its content, marketing, or use of features than its technical nuance. Spending more money for “custom” user management or analytics integration is often a waste.

For that reason, we retain ownership over our code. We reuse features and layouts, thereby driving down costs and allowing our users to launch custom apps in a fraction of the time. Our users still own all of their data, assets, and proprietary information, and if they decide to leave our system they can take their mobile code with them.

Here’s the breakdown of how we think about our IP:


Our differences in IP ownership are only one part of what makes Hatch faster and less expensive; when combined with our proprietary tech and holistic dashboard, we’re able to deliver more value for less cash in less time.


Amelia Friedman

Co-Founder at Hatch.


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