Why we take care of your servers

Let’s be honest: “Server” is a scary word.

In reality, they aren’t as scary as they sound. Servers are just a collection of computers that host your data so you can access it whenever you need to. Servers interact with the “client.” (In computer talk, your client can be your computer, watch, phone, tablet, palm pilot, hover board, etc.)

Devil is in the details though. There are different servers for different types of data (e.g. code, pictures, videos, etc). There are several companies that provide different types of servers. To add to it all, pricing for servers is completely variable— based loosely on a function of usage, time, and performance.

This is why we take care of your servers at Hatch.

We host the web platform as well as the mobile apps built with Hatch on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 Instance. All of your photos and videos are stored with an AWS S3 Bucket. This ensures that you get the agility of a small company (Hatch) with the reliability of a corporate giant (Amazon).

As a customer of Hatch, you receive 500 GB of free server space. That approximately translates to 2,500 daily active users in a content heavy application (i.e. photo and video processing). Most apps will never have to pay for extra server space. And even if you do, that means you are well on your way to build an app empire.


Param Jaggi


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