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This guest post was written by Hatch user Trent Brown for our Hatch Stories series.

In February of your Firstie (senior) year at West Point you find out where you’ll be stationed for the next few years of your Army career. The night you find out is called “Post Night,” and it’s a pretty big deal.  You might find out, as many do, that you’re going to be based at Fort Hood in the small town of Killeen, TX, or another tiny town somewhere in America. You’ve probably never been there, and likely don’t know many people living there that you can lean on for advice.

trentI’d know; I experienced the excitement and uncertainty of Post Night my Firstie year at West Point. When I was a cadet and found out I would be stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, I immediately began my search for places to live and people to live with. After J. Cole denied me a room to rent in his pad on Forest Hills Drive, I reached out to find a platform to find a place to live and someone to live with. There was nothing.  That was four years ago now, and not much has changed.


Finding housing is surprisingly difficult for us, especially when just graduating. Popular platforms such as Airbnb, Craigslist, and Roommates.com don’t cater to the military community or the cities we live in. The process of searching for a place to live and watching others struggle through it alongside me showed me the need for xnumbr .

trent2I initially founded xnumbr for West Pointers to be able to easily interact with each other to find places to live and people to live with, but quickly realized that this problem is common amongst all services. Now, members from any branch of the military (Army, Navy, Air Force— you name it) can sign on, post in discussion boards, and find people to live with.

xnumbr provides a platform for military service members to find places to live and people to live with. Currently, it includes an interactive forum where users can post, comment, and reply to topics organized by state and country. Users are also able to private message each other to further the conversation. Future versions of the app will include an Airbnb-like community marketplace where users will be able to complete transactions for rooms, houses, and tenants.

Right now, there are over 1 million service members who are essentially forgotten by existing apps. Our goal is to become the #1 platform for service members to find places to live and people to live with.


Since launching xnumbr on February 8th, I’ve learned so much and received some great feedback that I’m using to fuel the development of future versions. I’ve had multiple companies and investors reach out to me looking to get involved, had hundreds of users download the app, and, most importantly, helped military service members find places to live and people to live with.

Learn more about xnumbr:

This is a guest post submitted by one of our users for our Hatch Stories series. The Hatch team thanks Trent Brown for agreeing to share their story with our Hatch community.


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